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Corporate Intranet Development | Ritetek Design

Take Control of your Organization's Resources

Managing information is critical to your company's success. Imagine having a central, secure platform from which your staff can access information and resources anywhere, anytime. Ritetek can make it happen, ultimately saving your business time and money.

Why have a Corporate Intranet?

Corporate Intranets perpetuate improved company communication and access to information, promoting sharing of knowledge and ideas and providing secure, reliable access to private information. An intranet improves a company's ability to manage information and streamlines distribution of documents.

Information on an intranet is easily reused and saves money on information outsourcing, printing and distribution. Furthermore, it is more secure than hosting information on the global Internet and ensures your company’s technology communication and data storage will survive any local Internet downtime.

The Importance of Security

A common problem encountered during implementation of a corporate intranet is convincing management that no corporate secrets will be disclosed to the public. Management must know that security is in place to keep data safe from the outside world.

We implement several practices to ensure your data stays exclusively your data including:

  • Providing incoming and outgoing data encryption on the intranet servers (SSL/TSL)
  • Supplying client side SSL certificates to employees
  • Establishing security-promoting policies and procedures
  • Embracing paperless transactions
  • Physical network security including firewalls
  • Building a secure PKI system with individual user accounts
  • Creating a private testing environment